Prayers of SVD

May the darkness of sin
and the night of unbelief vanish before the light of the Word
and the Spirit of grace
and may the Heart of Jesus live
in the hearts of all people.

(Saint Arnold Janssen)





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Missionary vocation

The appointment to missionary work in Indonesia was a surprise. God answered for my prayers after 20 years. Because I joined the Society of Divine Word in 1998 and from the beginning I wanted to become a missionary in Asia. In 2017 I asked again Father General Heinz Kulüke SVD to let me work in Asian countries. Thus I received permission to serve in the largest verbistic seminary in Ledalero and to continue the work of our Polish fathers there. I am going to teach classical languages ​​and Catholic theology.

I trust that every story has its deeper meaning. Divine Providence leads us through life and we sometimes understand better, and sometimes worse the divine plan. That is why I dare to ask for intercessory prayer. May the proclamation of the Gospel be our common task but missionaries'.

According to the call of Saint Arnold Janssen may the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of all people".