Prayers of SVD

May the darkness of sin
and the night of unbelief vanish before the light of the Word
and the Spirit of grace
and may the Heart of Jesus live
in the hearts of all people.

(Saint Arnold Janssen)





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18 January 2019

Feast of Saint Arnold

On 15th January 2019 we celebrate St. Arnold Janssen, Founder of SVD, SSpS and SSpS AP. We are full of gratitude and joy. In the SSpS Maria - Yosepha Novitiate community we prepared and celebrated the Feast of Saint Arnold as Triduum, the first, second evening services and dinner outside the community. Together with the SSpS community in Batu city, our celebration took place during the morning service, the Eucharist at 06.00 followed by breakfast together. By noon, at 11.00 we celebrated together with the big family of SVD Surya Wacana High Seminary, Malang during the Eucharist followed by lunch. This spiritual and physical feast is simple, but beautiful. Meetings with sisters bring new inspiration and freshness in continuing Jesus' mission.

This year our celebration gave me three important and interesting inspirations, namely to look back, be grateful and renew myself.

It could happen thanks because of re-reading the life story of St. Arnold Janssen and praying together with him. Personally, I was also sent to recall the first experience I knew of St. Arnoldus Janssen in the Good Shepherd Church Parish in Surabaya chich was LED by SVD Fathers. At that time I was still in the elementary school. Every time on January 15th photos of St. Arnold Janssen were installed in the front of the church and decorated with flowers. I am grateful for the example given by SVD Fathers in our parish at that time. It touched my heart and helped me to become SSpS sister.

My heart is grateful for all the blessings that brought me closer to God, the community and our Congregation. The gift of life, health, vocation and various blessings both small and large. God's love and loyalty really enable me to walk in his ways. As my age and life experience grew, I increasingly realized that without God's mercy and faithfulness, I am not able to follow him.

The Feast of st. Arnold Janssen invites to renewal, according to his own words, "the human soul must reach the level where all of it May be filled with light".

Hopefully with prayer and protection of st. Arnold Janssen I can continue to share Good News in this age. By the grace of Triune God I can fulfill God's will in my SSpS community.


S. Sisilia Andri, SSpS