Prayers of SVD

May the darkness of sin
and the night of unbelief vanish before the light of the Word
and the Spirit of grace
and may the Heart of Jesus live
in the hearts of all people.

(Saint Arnold Janssen)





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04 September 2020

Education in Indonesia

In Western countries we are used to the fact that school education is free. Things are different in Indonesia. The country, which recently celebrated its 75th anniversary of independence, is still developing and needs money. Hence, one of the sources of good and guaranteed income is education. Furthermore, the children and young people always want to get good education. Consequently, parents are being prepared to pay for education of their children from the primary school. Obviously, the fees are increasing gradually. It starts from few Euros a month in primary schools for a month, and there is practically no upper limit of tuition fees at the universities. For example, to enter a police school one needs to pay an entry fee, which can be around 15,000 Euro. But it is still unknown whether the young man will be accepted. However, if you manage to pass the whole process, then one can get profit too.

Despite these difficulties, the parents are very diligent and do everything for their children to get education. There are parents who, as farmers, are able to educate all their children at the good universities, even though the families with many children in the eastern part of Indonesia. Even if a mother is raising her children on her own, she may still pay for college for several of her children. Parents often suffer a lot and offer their lives for their beloved ones. However, after graduation, there are children who are grateful for the sacrifice of their parents, but it also happens that the children never return to their parents and choose a better life in the western part of Indonesia, namely, in Jakarta. So, there are children who can pay back for love, but there are also those who think that they just deserve it.

Regardless of these circumstances, it is always worth supporting talented and poor students. After all, every life is a gift from God and every human being deserves respect and has dignity. Praise the Lord that there is peace in Indonesia, and in the poorer eastern part of the country, there are not many cases of Corona virus. An ordinary, poor, simple life, without air conditioning, sometimes in dust, without access to water, without electricity, without access to the network, can be very happy and full of optimism, contrary to appearances. Of course, everyone would like to have equal access to cultural goods, education, and healthcare, but the earthly reality is not like eternal happiness in the kingdom of heaven. Nonetheless, the Divine Providence watches over the world, and God the Father does loves all his children who suffer from poverty, especially orphans and abused ones.

There are people who become angels for those who experience suffering and lack the livelihood.