Prayers of SVD

May the darkness of sin
and the night of unbelief vanish before the light of the Word
and the Spirit of grace
and may the Heart of Jesus live
in the hearts of all people.

(Saint Arnold Janssen)





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23 October 2018

Christ is Peace

The basic task of the missionary is to seek communion with Jesus Christ. He must be constantly "near by the Blood of Christ" and united with God. In this way the spiritual power and the fruit of missionary work can be seen.

The contemporary world is full of anxiety. That is why interpersonal relationships are spoiled. First of all, this problem affects the most delicate and fragile social unit which is family. Therefore, we experience quarrels, misunderstandings, verbal and even physical aggression. It happens in families, neighborhood, in workplaces and in politics. The need of peace, whose source is in Christ, is really urgent.

Christ is still at the door of our heart waiting patiently to make room for Him. He does not need much, only time for conversation and listening to the Word of God. He speaks and gives us peace. However, everyone needs to open one's door to Christ himself. Each family needs to pray together. Every community and social group needs to receive the gift of Christ's peace.

The missionary activity will never be outdated, because there will always be people who oppose Christ. There are those who think that they can survive by their own strengths and abilities. A Christian is a man called to "bring peace", to "reconcile people with God, in one Body through the cross, putting enmity to death". The follower of Christ is the one who derives peace from personal prayer and reflection. There is no other way to true peace than "through Christ, with Christ and in Christ." He is the peace for all - both for those who are still far from God and for those who are close to Him.

The Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of Peace and reconciliation and mercy. First for yourself and then for all people. You must therefore constantly ask for humbleness and openness to the Spirit of God. Not only for yourself, but also for your fellow men. In the atmosphere of peace, you can experience the love of God the Father and spiritual unity with Christ in the Holy Spirit. This is the only way to achieve holiness and personal maturity. Thus you can be integrated, and you can also create unity with your sisters and brothers. For "in him you are being built together into a dwelling place of God in the Spirit" (Eph 2:22).